Trojan – the Mechanical Horse

A few years ago we chose to implement the dressage and riding horse simulator to help our riders get more from a deeper analytical riding session.  

At the time we thought it was going to be a good idea, but we did not realise how useful a teaching aid it would become for both able bodied and disabled riders.

The electronic sensors in the saddle along with its gaits, perfectly simulate a real horses movement and allow the instructor to target exact movements and subtle nuances for the rider.

The interactive screen shows the digital horse doing piaffe, passage and flying changes as well as highlighting rider balance and the application of aids.

2017 is your year so set your goals

integrate a few sessions

with you normal riding schedule to focus on you weaknesses

  • focus on your weaknesses
  • analyse your performance
  • reach new goals

book 5 sessions and get 1/2 hr free

treat yourself

and ride indoors

  • posture
  • leg position
  • hands
  • balance
  • mind