getting into the

pony club

at Wildwoods

Join the Pony Club and ride with friends

We have joined the Pony Club Centre Membership scheme which means that young riders up to the age of 21 can now be part of an International organisation with over 110,000 members in 22 countries.

Developing and growing

Clubbers can work towards internationally recognised Pony Club Tests and Achievement Badges. The Tests run from ‘E’ Test (may be led) to the ‘A’ Test which is equivalent to BHS Stage 4.

At weekends we have Club Time, where children can  work for Achievement Badges,  learn about all aspects of pony care and have a go under supervision at tasks like plaiting, lungeing and getting a pony ready to travel in a horsebox.

They can ride for one hour in small groups of similar standard from E Test – C Test and work towards badges for an hour (both groups are optional). Badges can be sewn on our very own Wildwoods Riding Centre Pony Club sweatshirt.


Rallies in the holidays and half term will consist of an hours’ riding and an hour of stable management instruction, working towards the various

Achievement Badges. Day Course “Own a Pony” days and treks around the beautiful countryside are organised at half term and in the holidays.

You don’t have to be a member to ride, but a monthly newsletter keeps you up to date with all the latest if you are!  

Pony Club lessons

PONY CLUB LESSONS ARE UP & RUNNING with social distancing in place!
The times of group lessons may have changed to comply with guidelines.
We hope to be able to offer lead rein lessons and Pony Club Achievement badges from 19th July.
We are offering Level E riders half hour private lessons as long as they are able to ride without assistance


Tuesday 31st May
DAY COURSE 10.30 – 13.00 £75/£80 LEVEL D AND ABOVE

Wednesday 1st June  Combined Training 10.00 – 13.00 £85/£90 LEVEL D AND ABOVE

Thursday 2nd June 
Pamper Day and Lesson 10.30-13.00 £70/£75 LEVEL E AND ABOVE

Friday 3rd June
Bareback Lesson 12.00 – 13.00 £50/£55 LEVEL D+ AND ABOVE

If you are interested in any other riding activities that you would like us to do,
please talk to a member of staff.
Contact Wildwoods Riding Centre for more details and to book:
Telephone: 01737 812 146 Email: [email protected]