Picnic rides in the heart of Surrey

This ride is suitable for novice riders who are comfortable in walk and trot. It can also be tailored for a more adventurous and competent group who want the opportunity to canter.

We run these days from Tuesday – Friday, but need four riders to make it viable. If you have a date in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to fill it.

Leaving at 11.00 after a quick assessment of new riders, we generally head onto Epsom Downs, crossing the edge on our way to Headley. After passing RAF Headley Court (the military Rehabilitation Centre) we head to Mickleham Downs via Tyrrells Wood Golf Course.

The remains of ancient barrows, thought to date to the Bronze Age, have been found by Archaeologists in this area and we ride along Stane Street, an old Roman road.

Get ready now!

Book a few lessons to tune up

Scottish Belted Galloway cattle are grazing here as part of a conservation project. They are gentle natured and the horses are quite used to them now.

The staff will meet us at our lunch spot at ‘Ali’s’ caravan for our pre ordered lunch. She serves pretty much anything from burger and chips to cream teas and her homemade pasties and shortbread are delicious!

This is a beautiful National Trust area with yew trees and evergreen forest. Some massive trees still lie where they fell in the 1987 hurricane, providing a habitat for wildlife.

We ride through a gate onto Headley Heath and the landscape changes to silver birch, oak trees and gorse.

There are benches to sit on to enjoy your lunch and they are also handy for climbing back into the saddle after your break!

After lunch we head back on bridleways, skirting the Headley Cricket pitch. A short trot on the road towards Headley Church brings us to the bridleway that takes us back to the Centre past the Mid-Surrey Pony Club field. We arrive back at around 15.00.

There are times when we need to ride on quiet country roads for short periods, but this hack is mainly off road on National Trust land.

We run this ride throughout the year, but around early May is the time for bluebells and the autumn gold colours of September are extra special!