Breed: Traditional

Height: 14.1hh

Born 2013

I was out in Botswana checking my Facebook pages when I saw a post from Juliet Clarke, a dealer. She looked ideal for the school so I messaged her from Botswana to make the purchase! I then contacted Mum, who was not at all phased by my overseas purchase and arranged payment and collection! Willow settled well and was schooled by Saskia Kew as a project during her Apprenticeship (photo below). Saskia is now one of our instructors and Willow a valuable member of our Equine team.

Willow made friends with Maple who arrived from the same dealer a few months later. Maple is on the left of this picture and Willow on the right.

Willow is now progressing in her jumping with Alivia Carter who is on our Apprenticeship scheme.