Breed: Appaloosa

Height: 12hh  gelding

Born 1998

I’m a spotted Appaloosa and came to Wildwoods from Ireland as a 4 year old. I’m smart and fun and can be a bit whizzy, especially if we are jumping in the field. I’ve won lots of prizes at the Pony Club and love jumping and gymkhanas and I go Western too, as you can see from the picture below!

I am the Pony Correspondent for the Wildwoods Pony Club monthly newsletter and tell all the kids what has been happening at Wildwoods each month. They also get a list of upcoming activities and events. Here I am standing looking handsome, and having fun on a Horse Behaviour Day, standing on a pedestal. We learnt to follow our handler onto this and onto a see-saw and over polythene, eventually without a rope! Great fun!