Mr Chips

Breed: Roan gelding

Height: 13.2

Born: 1999

I came to Wildwoods in the summer  of 2009. When they tried me, I went over the jumps and cantered round the paddock quietly and they seemed pleased with me after my week’s trial.  I remember there was a thunderstorm directly overhead that week and I was in the school on a lesson. The flash and bang were simultaneous!  It was a bit scary, but they said that I was very brave. We all stood still until the staff came to hold our heads and get the children off. Anthea was teaching in the paddock and the lightning came down right behind her!

I am now retired and keep Izzy’s horse Star company. You can see me in the paddock next to Wildwoods where I can keep in touch with all my friends!


Mr Chips is resting at the moment due to injury, but we hope to have him back in work soon!