Breed: Irish x Warmblood bay gelding

Height: 17.2h

Born: 2009

Anthea and her mum were chosen for Independant Women’s Day 2017 and this photo of us was taken for the exhibition at Croydon.

I came to Wildwoods in May 2014, aged 5 years old. Anthea’s mum came to the yard where I was for sale and they just loaded me into the trailer. I was surprized that they didn’t try me, but once I had made friends with Mrs. T, by nuzzling her and chewing her buttons, she said that I would do!

I love it at Wildwoods as we get looked after very well.  Anthea uses me as her personal horse to escort rides. I get schooling too to get me stronger and more balanced. I have grown quite a bit since I arrived. They are working on my jumping too.