12.2 Welsh Section A 8yrs chestnut gelding

I arrived at Wildwoods in June 2019. Anthea bought myself and Skate, a 6 year old bay gelding, from Avril Roberts, a dealer at Five Ashes in East Sussex. I had been ridden by Avril’s daughter Ella for a couple of years. She was very sad when she said goodbye to me, but her Mum had bought her a bigger pony and she had outgrown me. The picture above was taken when I was jumping with her. After Anthea put a post on Facebook about our arrival, one of her clients messaged her to say that her boss had bought me when I was just 3 years old! I was broken in there and worked in their school for a while and she is going to send some pictures of me taken then.

I have settled in very well at Wildwoods and am enjoying the variety of work. I have been in the arena, jumping in the paddock and out hacking. There are lots of different routes around here. Here I am with Mae, one of the Wildwoods Riding Centre Pony Club members, about to go out on a hack. The saddler came to look at me and I have a brand new saddle on the way!

Here I am looking over the stable door and having a snooze in a nice, clean bed! It is apparently the first stable that they bought for Anthea’s pony Caprice many years ago before they came to Wildwoods. They brought the stable with them. It has a nice view, automatic water and I can see what is going on. I think I will be happy here.