Breed: Dun mare

Height: 14’1

Born: 2002

I came to Wildwoods in November 2012 with my friend Goldie. We were owned by a family who couild no longer afford to keep us as the father had gone bankrupt. We were put out in a field and a man called John came to take us away. He had sold Goldie to the family and I had been to their stables for lessons, so I knew him by sight. Both the girls were very sad to see us go and cried. A few weeks later Anthea came with a big, new trailer to collect us and after a four hour journey we arrived at Wildwoods.

They were kind to us there. I have always been worried about people touching my head, but they had something with bird feathers on it (a feather duster, i think) and kept tickling my ears with it. It was quite nice actually and now I don’t mind at all.


Goldie went lame, so John and his wife Alison came to take her away and said that they were going to try to breed from her. They had bought her from Ireland as a 3 year old and had sold her on to 2 other owners before Anthea, but were delighted when Anthea gave her back to them. She is a well bred Irish Sport Horse and apparently had a lovely foal She is still with them.

This picture was taken at the Pony Club Mockhunt with Sophie a year after I arrived at Wildwoods. It was great fun! Sophie enjoyed it too as you can see by the smile on her face!

I was used for escorting rides and the staff schooled me for my first year, but now I am usd for the more advanced children and small adults. I am quite forward going, but never do anything naughty and I love hacking and jumping! The picture at the top was taken at the Mid-Surrey Pony Club field on a schooling session with Anthea and the staff. It was such fun!