Dotty is a 16.2 , 10 year old Shire x mare.

Dotty arrived at Wildwoods just before the snow. Here she is surveying her new surroundings! She has settled in well as is a project for Lizzie Pollard to bring on as she is a little ‘green’. She is a kind mare and seems to take everything in her stride – a great trait for a riding school horse! Lizzie is longreining her in her featured photo and thought that she had done it before.

She came from Juliet Clarke, a dealer in Evesham who has sold us several horse and ponies in the past. She has a reputation for being honest ans sells them within hours of posting them on her page, but Dotty she found for me, so she was never advertized. I hope that she was a good find and will be a real asset to the centre. Thank you Juliet!