Born: 2017

Breed: Cob

Height: 14.1hh

Disco joined the equine team September 2022. He was another purchase from Juliet Clarke at Evesham. It’s quite a long drive to her, but she has sold us some good horses and ponies over the past few years. It is getting harder and harder to find horses and ponies to do the job!

Disco ended up with four and a half hours added to the journey home as the clutch went on my Land Rover and I had to wait for recovery! It was getting dark and I was stopped on the hard shoulder of the M40 between the exit and entry of the junction where the traffic was narrowed to just 2 lanes. With dark approaching and descending it was an anxious wait with traffic whizzing past at 70 mph!! Disco, however, was munching happily on his haynet every time I checked! It was late in the evening when he eventually arrived at Wildwoods but was perfectly calm. 

He is settling well and is now being used for select clients. He is still young but learning the job and he has a useful pop in him as well and is quite bold. Thias was taken in Evesham where he went cross-country schooling. What a superstar!