Breed: Skewbald gelding

Height: 15’3

Born: 1995

When Anthea saw me at the dealers yard near Brighton, she thought that I might be a bit too old for riding school work, as I was almost 16. She was telling them that she had a lot of horses off lame and had a BHS Stage 3 exam coming up in a couple of weeks, so she tried me anyhow.

The next day the dealer took me and another bay horse to Wildwoods. It llooked like a nice place, but there was so much happening there with horses being lead back and forth all the time. I was very stressed being somewhere new and ran around the stable and charged anyone who came to the door. They tried me in different stables, but I didn’t like any of them! They tried me in a stable around the back of the yard as it was quieter, but when they put the horse next to me out in the paddock and left me in the stable, I ran at the door and there was a load cracking noise and it all gave way! A man spent the next day rebuilding it and they put me out in a paddock. What a relief!! They left me out there and just brought me in during the day when I was working and put me in Blue’s box as they said that he wouldn’t mind where he went. I am very happy and relaxed in the stable now and even doze with my head on the door sometimes! I like chatting to the mares who are in the next paddock as well!


One of my previous owners came to see me in the paddock, which was nice! I recognized the vet too. He wasn’t pleased to see me though, as I was scared of needles and gave him a hard time! He was pleasantly surprized when I stood rock steady when he gave me my vaccination!

I had a lady come and poke my back. It was very sore and I flinched when she prodded me! The vet gave me an injection, which made me sleepy and then they pulled me around and got some loud cracking noises from my neck and back. It was a bit scary, but I feel much better now.

I am enjoying the jumping in the paddocks here and they have a fun cross-country course.