Height: 15.2hh

Born: 2001

Breed: Irish

Banoffee Pie has been retired with the family that sold her to us 15 years ago!! Although we would not recommend riding without a hat, the picture is so lovely that I wanted to share. She is going to have so much love!! Happy retirement Banoffee Pie ❤🐎
This is from Maddy Cole: Here’s a lovely story.. 15 years ago we had a lovely young cob come over from Ireland. I rode her over to show her to Anthea Chambers owner of Wildwoods Riding Centre who bought her and she stayed there happily for the next fifteen years. Having earned her crust, Anthea recently decided to retire her from the school and enjoy an active (ish) retirement… and we have the absolute pleasure of having her back!! I think I will have to fight the girls for her, but we are truly honoured that Anthea has trusted us to give this lovely kind mare a happy home for her elder years. We are so exited to have Banoffee Pie at home with us for a life of nannying the girls on their ponies and ambling around the countryside getting my fitness back and spending some time gazing over the horizon chilling out. Welcome to the herd Pie we can’t wait to take you on local ambles and the odd sponsored ride. And actually it’s just lovely having your big kind face looking over a door and your lovely stocky body in the field for a hug. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕