16.1hh dapple grey gelding Sport Horse, born 2013.

Purchased from our friend Lynda Goodson, who has now moved to Kent. She has had Apollo since he was a two week old foal, taking him with his mum as payment for a debt. He is settling well and starting to work with some of our more advanced clients. He has also been working as hack escort and has behaved very well so far! Not every horse makes a lead horse!

He is now enjoying his jumping and is scopey and bold!



It was wonderful to see Kasper and Apollo reunited. Apollo definitely recognized him and went very sweetly for him in the school. They have been friends since Kasper was 6 years old and Apollo a 2 week old foal. The profile picture was taken with Kasper at Green Lane Stables before we bought him. Ahhhhh……..