Breed: Irish

Height: 15.1hh

Born 2011

I was thinking of reducing the number of horses we have here, but that plan is not working out! Nat found Ace on Juliet Clarke’s Facebook assessment and she thought that he was just what we were looking for, but having bought Buster just the week before I decided to think about it as funds are limited.
Having reviewed the many videos of him he looked ideal and we have had several horses from Juliet in the past. The only problem is that you have to be quick to make a decision as they sell within hours! I called her the next morning to ask for a vet check and she had been given a deposit on him. I was very disappointed! Juliet told me that she would let me know if the sale fell through.
I had a call from her a week later and there had been a couple of unlevel strides on the lunge on a hard surface during the 5 stage vetting, so the purchasers were dithering. I sent videos of him lunging on concrete to our vet and he thought he would be fine – not many horses will be 100% trotting on a tight circle on concrete anyway and she said that he needed shoeing too. I decided to take a chance and picked him up from Evesham the next day!

He went into the paddock with Buster and they are now best friends! Ace went straight to work and has been escorting rides in his assessment period and enjoyed flying over our fenes with Nat too! Jasmin managed to get her leg caught in the hay feeder and is off work again so Ace has ben my escort horse and I am really enjoying riding him.  Our vet was happy with him and he has been shod and also needed the physio.  Cobs like Ace are so hard to find now so I am happy that Fate decided to let us have him! Welcome to the Team Ace!