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Long Reining – Advanced

March 12 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

This is the last of the three days. It will be devoted to the benefits of long reining, and in working on practice. Before a horse is ridden it should be long reined until its muscles are able to cope with the weight of the saddle and then the rider. The circle provides us with a way of judging how well the horse is developing for many horses on their first circles cannot hold the round they can only cope with squares or rhomboids. This is due to a lack of muscling. We can help a horse to overcome the effects of single line lunging, which should only be used to train a rider. We will show the benefits of the cavaletti and other pole work and all movements used in dressage. We will teach the half pass and back up and also leg yield and turns on the forehand and on the quarters.

Lunch is not provided.


By exploring ways the horse can be trained we also evaluate the communication process. We learn from that connection, we become more understanding, receptive and open to change. We enable and support the horse to enjoy his relationship with us and improve his performance levels through exemplary ground handling – good communication, empathy and precise timing – building trust and love. Caroline will share her gentle loading technique, based on communication and empathy.

Caroline’s background as a jockey and her collaboration with Monty Roberts and many other professional horse people over the years has provided her with an insight into equines. She will explain the values of long reining and the use of voice commands.

Caroline believes;

‘Horses were not put into the world to serve mankind, but that is what they have done. They are not here as stepping-stones for war, or sport or pleasure. They are equals in the journey through life, not to be exploited. We need to understand that they have great intelligence and they can think for themselves and learn at great speed. Many of the horses I deal with have been taught to behave dangerously. I offer to you the possibility of learning how sensitive and intelligent horses are and how to get the best out of your horse by giving it time to think by being gentle.’


March 12
9:30 am - 4:00 pm