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Horse Listening with Caroline

September 11, 2017

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What do we really want from our horses? What are we desparately trying to achieve?  What are the pressures on us to perform and also on the horses? How many people really look into the eyes of their horses and know what they are looking at? I see depression, dissillusionment, pain, disconnection, I see fear I see horses pampered to death, that are natural animals, I see them overweight like so many of their riders. Too much food is not good for anyone. I see ill-fitting saddles and sore backs I see a host of fears and worries.

What can we do about this?

How can we get the balance right of domestication /versus freedom to which all horses have a right.

How can we balance our requests with their lives?

A horse is a partner, you must speak to him, you must develop your communication to be subconscious before you can become a true horseperson, because it is the unseen which drives and the unobvious which holds the clue to our request. There is no such thing as “Horse Whispering” it was invented by Nicolas Evans, but there is quietness, there is intent there is heart, there is love and it is through you and your spirit the horse will feel and understand. Come and learn how to let go and be with your horse on a level you have not dreamed of. It is a wonderful experience.


September 11, 2017